'Everything has a right time'

Small screen sensation

'Everything has a right time'

He would have never thought that his character — Manik Malhotra — will one day become so popular and become the heartthrob of many. The young man started his career as a model and soon became a television actor.

His life took a turn with the youth-centric serial ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan’ which gained him a quantum leap of popularity and a huge fan following. Parth Samthaan, the small screen heartthrob, in a chat with ‘Metrolife’, talks about his future plans and shares his secret to staying fit.

Take us back to how you got into acting... Did you always want to be an actor while you were growing up?

I was always inclined towards it but never intended to do, because I had other things as priorities like education, so I made sure I completed that. Through that, I managed to get into this zone, after which there was no looking back. I kept growing.

How did you deal with the popularity? Any crazy fan incidents you remember?

To be honest, I cannot recall just one particular incident that I encountered, but there are people who have done a lot of crazy stuff, which I did not expect at all. I am very delighted to know what fans can do. However, there are many who got permanent tattoos.

I feel it is something that they should not do, but again it is crazy, and people have told me that there are fans and there are crazy fans. ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan’ has given a lot to me, and I thank a lot of people for that.

You came, you conquered hearts, and suddenly left... after which rumours followed. While some said you had problems with your co-actor, others said the production team was not happy with you and called you unprofessional. What is Parth’s version for leaving the show?

I wanted to do something on my own, wanted to do something different than playing ‘Manik’. I wanted to explore myself and grow as an actor. My decision of quitting had nothing to do with my co-actors or anyone on the sets. It will be really stupid if I take a decision like that. We are professional and we work towards it.

What made you come back to the show?

To be honest, there were a lot of requests and prayers for me to come back. I was offered a lot of other shows, I had to choose among them. However, I always had MTV as an option — when coming back — because it was my decision to walk out of the show.

So yes, I eventually chose this, because they were giving that freedom to work along independently to what I wanted. It is not just ‘Yaariyan’ that I will be doing, but a lot of other stuffs through MTV. Meanwhile, on doing other shows, I have to restrict myself and I have to commit towards it, which I am okay with it. When both the sides are okay with the way things should be, then why not.

Any Bollywood ambitions?

Yes, I intend to work for films and there are a lot of opportunities that’s coming my way —meetings that are taking place. So whenever, that happens... let’s see, hopefully. Let’s hope for the best. It is looking good.
Many videos and photographs on social media show that you are into exercising, and are a regular at the gym. Share a few fitness tips...

I am going through a tough fitness regime right now. What I would like to share is — you have to follow a diet, everything depends on your diet. It basically makes 50 to 60 per cent of whatever you are, whoever you are. You need to have control over what you eat.

I am not saying, you have to skip meals or anything of that sort, make sure you eat and you eat in the right manner, of  what you are supposed to eat— the right amount, the right stuff, and drink lots of water and get rest.

Your future plans?

I am concentrating on other projects too. A lot of things are happening, everything has a right time and it is all happening in the coming year. I hope for the best. Hopefully things will work out as I have planned.

(As told to Surupasree Sarmmah)

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