Reviving your skin and soul

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Reviving your skin and soul

Today’s age is all about fast-paced lifestyles with demanding and stressful jobs. Moreover, appearances also factor greatly in one’s success and there is a lot of pressure to look and feel good at all times. Here are some guidelines to help you achieve tranquility inside and out.

For a healthy skin

Performing exfoliating and rejuvenating processes on the skin opens up the pores and helps better adaptation of oxygen and moisture.

Exfoliate: Dead skin slows down and blocks the formation of new skin. Therefore, exfoliating skin with a suitable granular scrub is very important. The base of your scrub highly depends on your skin type. Do not scrub hard and use a small-grained product. If needed, use a toner or water while scrubbing. It’s advisable to use an exfoliator once in eight to ten days.

Activate: You need to rejuvenate your skin cells to make your skin look younger and add some natural glow. Exfoliation alone will boost the overall skin formation and reduce dullness. 

Protect: Along with exfoliation, one also needs to protect the skin from
harmful rays of the sun, which can cause tanning and also weaken the skin cells. Moisturisers and sunscreens should be used regularly to protect the skin from dry weather and harsh rays of the sun.

 Nourish: It is important to ensure that your skin gets the required nutrition. Drinking three litres of water or including salads in your daily diet are the best options to keep your skin hydrated

always. Even while sleeping, make sure that your skin is sufficiently hydrated as this allows for greater healing. The important thing to remember here is to use separate day and night creams. Day creams are designed to absorb quickly and not interfere with application of makeup. Night creams have more emollient and are designed for bare skin.

Apart from regularly washing and exfoliating your face, try to include soothing packs or masks in your beauty regimen. They deliver ingredients, which soften, brighten and firm up the skin to give it a youthful look. So, choosing the right ingredient for your skin problem and picking up thee right face packs and masks becomes very important.

When it comes to choosing any beauty products, it’s essential to look at the
ingredients used in the product. Certain chemicals and components may not suit some skin types. However, there are a few natural ingredients which suit all skin types.

 Aloe vera: Aloe vera is a soothing gel, which cleanses and strengthens your skin cells. It can be the best ingredient for polishing the skin and giving it a glowing effect.

Apricot: Apricot has essential juices which soften and make your skin supple. Its seed is the most commonly used scrubbing substance in many of the beauty products. Its essential oils exfoliate the collected dirt easily.

 Neem: A purifier which detoxifies the blood, neem cleanses from within. Good and clean blood circulation is necessary for glowing and clear skin.

Gold: Gold is the best cleansing agent for the skin as it gives an extraordinary shine to the face. That is why tiny gold flakes are used in various facial beauty products.

Orange peel: Crushed orange peel can be the best scrub for your skin. It
removes sun tan and cleanses the skin pores. Also, lemon juice is a secret cure for removing dark patches around the fingers, knuckles and the elbow.

Work from within

Along with these face packs and masks, do indulge your body in some yogasanas that guarantee healthy skin and soul:

Fold your feet and join your hands; take deep breathes to the count of 100, focusing on the heart chakra. This meditative art will make you happy from within, ultima-tely bringing a healthy glow to your face.

 Performing surya namaskar regularly has multiple benefits. Since it involves a number of body-stretching poses, it’s known to boost blood circulation and regulate a number of glands, giving your skin a natural shine.So, now you know the secrets behind that flawless skin!

(The author is director, Vedic Line)

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