Colours of euphoria

New wave

When it comes to catching up with trends, Bengaluru never takes it lying down. Be it in the fashion arena or for festival celebrations, the City is always ready to acknowledge different cultures.

This year’s festive season is already knocking on the door, with a colourful fervour in the air. Youngsters are all ready to embrace ‘Dasara’, which is celebrated by all in their own way. All said and done, this festival only gets grander through the eyes of the young.

In touch with roots

Sindhu Jain, a BCA student of CMR, says, “Every year we go to our native place — Penugonda in Andhra Pradesh — where we celebrate Dasara. During ‘Vijayadashami’, we organise a ‘puja’ which lasts half a day and the entire family comes together to complete all the rituals.

This is followed by ‘Ayudha Puja’, where one worships machines and other equipment. This year since I have my exams, I am planning to take a trip home on a Sunday.

Memorable childhood

Priyanka Kislai, a final-year student of CMR, says, “Dasara has always fascinated me. We have a number of festivals but this is the only one where the entire family gets together — all our cousins, relatives and family friends come together to celebrate it. These 10 days are always memorable.

The best part is the delicious food that is made. Since I am from Jharkhand and staying away from home, I am going to miss everything this year, but I have my local guardian here, so I am looking forward to celebrating this year’s Dasara with them.”

Sweet something

Arpita, a second-year student of Army Institute of Fashion and Design, says, “This year, I have my exams during Dasara, so I will mostly be indoors, preparing for my papers. But it is always fun to celebrate festivals with friends, especially when we are staying away from home. This year I am fasting for ‘Navaratri’ — and the best part is that the ‘Navaratri’ food is taken care of, which is more than enough for me as a hostelite.”

Experiencing change

Vivek, a student of Army Institute of Fashion and Design, says, “I am from Kerala, so basically I have no idea how Dasara is celebrated. However, I have been in Bengaluru for two years now and all the celebrations that I have seen in these years are really exciting and fun. Being a Keralite, it is a great experience for me and something new. Back home we just pay tribute to Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and education but here the celebrations are extended and colourful. This year, I am planning to visit ‘Sangam’, a local sweet shop, and try its delicious, freshly-made sweets and snacks.”

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