Teen fakes brother's kidnapping

She cooks up story after 10-yr-old loses way to home

A 13-year-old girl’s decision of cooking up a story of her younger brother’s abduction sent her parents and police into a tizzy in outer Delhi’s Samaypur Badli on Tuesday.

The 10-year-old boy, who had lost his way, was traced within two hours. After the ‘kidnapped’ Ranjeet told his father Vinod about the reality, his sister conceded that she lied to her father about two men on a motorcycle abducting her brother as she feared reprimand.

“Rather than telling her parents that Ranjeet got lost, she claimed that he had been kidnapped,” said Vikramjit Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer). Vinod, who works as an office assistant with the Union Labour and Employment Ministry, had made a PCR call soon after hearing his daughter’s story.
The family lives at Bhagat Singh Park in Siraspur village. Police said the girl was at home with her three younger siblings, while their parents were away at work. Vinod had made a call to the police control room at 5.21 pm on Tuesday.

On the basis of his complaint, a case under section 363 (kidnapping) of the Indian Penal Code was registered with Samaypur Badli police station. Ranjeet’s photograph and details were also uploaded on zipnet, and police stations across the capital were informed.

During a probe, the girl was also questioned in which she revealed that the ‘suspects’ were wearing black clothes.

Police got suspicious when she claimed that the men had also covered their faces with handkerchiefs and had hidden the motorcycle’s number plate with a black cloth.

“Despite having doubts on the girl’s statement, we formed several teams due to the seriousness of the situation,” another police officer said. A further probe revealed that the girl had herself launched a search in the area with a minor neighbour. The boy was also questioned.
Three teams under the supervision of Assistant Commissioner of Police (Samaypur Badli) Sukant S Ballabh were deployed to search Ranjeet. “He was recovered within two hours,” Singh added.
The girl later confessed that she was scared of being scolded by her parents. On being found, the boy told police that he forgot his way back to the house as the family had recently shifted to the area.

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