How about a wedding rapper?

How about a wedding rapper?

Full-fledged orchestra playing popular Bollywood numbers or our good old bhangra are easy sight at weddings. But what if a ‘wedding rapper’ entertains the guests? The concept is quite unheard of. But according to MC Siddharth Sood, who has been a wedding rapper for over years now, believes that wedding rap is going to “gain a lot of momentum” in the future.

“This is a new form of entertainment in the wedding space and people always want their life event to be special and different. It’s an untapped space and hence people are fascinated with the uniqueness of such spontaneous acts,” says Sood, popularly known as MC SID. However, the 29-year-old admits that his journey has been like a “roller coaster ride”.  Coming from a traditional family, Sood lacked the support of his family in his initial days.

“My father couldn’t figure out what I was up to, with my life and my grandfather, after much deliberation, finally looked at me and said I’m a ‘Banjo Master’. Also, when I had just started, I had been heckled a lot, because after few drinks people found my performance annoying. I then realised that the challenge was to improve and make every guest enjoy my performance,” says the 29-year-old.

Inspired by Dr Dre, an Amercian record producer, rapper and entrepreneur, Sood started playing from the age of 17 at night clubs. But wedding rapping happened accidently to him.

“It was in 2007 when a person saw me performing at a night club and asked if I would do the same act at weddings? I was a bit confused first and then thought of giving it a shot. From there, I gained contacts and popularity,” says Sood. The former video jockey (VJ) raps freestyle with lot of humour. He says that his acts are more refined and are kept clean to avoid misconduct and keep the guests in good mood without being offensive.

“My performances are spontaneous and interactive and so I make up things on the go. I make the words rhyme and funny at the same time and this keeps the audience entertained,” he tells Metrolife.

A Jay-Z fan, Sood is coming up with his album which will be released early next year. However, Sood dreams of a project in which his song will be sung by Mika, featuring Sunny Leone. He has also co- founded a ‘wedding app’ company called WedTalk that caters to all wedding related products and services.

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