Father never took care of us, claim children

Father never took care of us, claim children

Four children of Phoolondevi and Kamal Kishore Thakur have been witnessing the ordeal of their mother at the hands of their father ever since they were born.

For Om, 3, Suraj, 6, Nisha, 8 and Pushpa, 12, seeing their mother getting beaten up by their father is not a new thing, however, on Sunday morning tears welled from their eyes when they saw the mauled body of their mother lying on the backyard of their grandparents house’s backyard. Despite of their tender age, they knew that they might never see their mother again.

The anger for their father is visible in the eyes of the eldest of the four.

“Papa never sent me to school, he never bothered about us. He used to come home and beat mummy in front of our eyes with belts for frivolous reasons,” said Pushpa, daughter of Phoolondevi and Kamal Kishore Thakur.

Nobody was happy with Thakur. In the last one year, they had changed their address thrice.

“Due to his financial problems, we sometimes couldn’t pay the rent on time which made the landlord ask us to leave the house. In couple of places we were asked to leave because of the noises of quarrel coming from our room,” she added.

Pushpa remembers a day when she intervened to save her mother getting beaten by her father. After that Thakur didn’t spare his daughter also, and thrashed her before making her stand outside of the house in the peak of summer.

According to Pushpa, her father was allegedly in relationship with some other woman, which created further friction between the couple.

“One day mummy questioned papa about his relationship with some other woman. Papa got so angry that he leaked the gas cylinder and warned us the he would fire it if they again question him over this matter. We got very scared,” Push said.

Despite facing such hardship at the hands of her father, Pushpa is not sure what punishment she thinks should be given to her father. All she wants is to see her mother again.

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