Ride on the waves of sound

Ride on the waves of sound

We often hear sound, but don't listen. But when we do listen, a whole new dimension of auditory experience opens up. And exploiting this very medium in radio, was the ‘Think Sound’ interactive seminar which aims at making you ‘see’ sound in a way that you haven’t done before. Hosted by Radio City, the seminar was conducted by Diarmid Moncrieff, Consultant, United Radio, London, and likewise he started the session by a good dose of English humour, leaving the audience in splits every now and then.

According to Moncrieff, the important part about radio advertising was the power of sound. “Unlike sight that only helps us see what is in front of us, sound is all about 360-degree vision. We can hear what is behind us or around us and that makes sound powerful and human beings react very quickly to sound. Sounds drive action. When advertisers play to radio’s strengths, brand communication will turn more effective,” he said.

“Radio uses all aspects of sound — voices, sound effects, and music — to communicate effectively. Moncrieff said that radio advertising should not be a clash of two voices, two music pieces or two sound effects simultaneously. However, a simultaneous mix of an engaging voice, an effective sound effect and a good piece of music are the basis of good radio advertising,” said Moncrieff, interspersing his seminar with various audio tracks.
After the tea break, the seminar became even more exciting as the audience was given group exercises to identify the emotions, the product and the brand that was associated with the audio tracks.

“Effective radio advertising is when voice, music and brand characteristics fit perfectly to give you a wholesome and effective message.” Moncrieff said, “People choose brands because they like their brands, which is more of an emotional decision rather than a rational one.”

The evening ended on a touching note, with the lyrics of True Colours which said, “we all are unique and we should not be afraid of showing our true colours, and with radio, we are able to explore true colours in its highest possibility.”