Dreams on the turntable

Dreams on the turntable

Spinner's end

Dreams on the turntable

It looks like life has come full circle for musician and DJ Vachan Chinnappa. From starting out as a musician, turning into a DJ and coming back to the music scene, Vachan’s song of sustained effort and success is an inspiration to many aspiring artistes.

He is known for his massive energy with which he spins the turntable on the floor and continues to do it throughout the country. He is a common figure in leading music festivals such as ‘NH7’, ‘Sunburn’ and ‘VH1 Supersonics’.

His latest venture, ‘Respect the funk’ has garnered praise among his fans and he is striving to revive this genre that lost its sheen in the phase of rock. More than putting a finger on the table, Vachan is known for telling stories through his music and taking them places.

Tell us about your set for the VH1 Supersonic festival which is just around the corner.

This is the third edition of the festival and it’s great to be a part of it again. A few international acts are coming in and the crowd just gets better each year. I have a one-hour-set and we have prepared and arranged some of the best songs. We just hope to slash it out there. I am also excited to meet many other artistes, network with them and hopefully work with them in the future.

Tell us about your struggle to bring back funky music.

I wanted to revive a genre that was lost somewhere in the process of rock. I think all genres have to coexist in the City. The sound of funk garners a niche crowd and is not one for newcomers. There are a few people following that scene in the City now.

You have been instrumental in bringing the drum, bass and dubstep scene into the City. How do you see the evolution of that genre now?

I am patting myself on the back because when I started there was no stage for drum and bass. Now, international acts are coming in and the awareness of this genre has grown manifold. The crowd is building up and the sound is very matured.

Has technology made it easier for youngsters to become ‘professional’ DJs?

It has made it a lot easier. People are DJs just by having a computer and buying songs but they forget that the arrangement of songs is the key. With mixers, synching and controllers; songs are so well matched that you don’t even make out transitions.

So after a while, everything sounds monotonous. I’m an old school DJ and believe in the human touch of using a turntable or machine.

So how should aspiring DJs work differently as the competition is a lot?

I would always advice DJs to try the traditional route first and toil hard in that field. People have to work harder as competition is a lot more. It took me 12 to 15 years of struggle to get what I deserve and it was only then that I felt fulfilled.

Tell us about your band.

I’m going to start an electronic band next year. I am right now working towards composing a few songs. Then I will look out for musicians and artistes who I can work with. I want to get back to music because I like the concept of a live performance and the interaction that happens with the audience. 

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