That sopahisticated style!

My perfect weekend

That sopahisticated style!

E very morning of mine, apart from Sundays, begins with a round of Pilates with my personal fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. If I am home on a weekend, breakfast and lunch comprise specialities cooked by my mother. As I am not home for most part of the week, my mother makes it a point to prepare my favourite dishes. My mother, I must say, is an incredible cook.

As a family, we also make it a point to eat healthy. My mom and I refer cook books and churn out the most interesting variations of salads and chicken. I also have a huge sweet tooth so whenever I am home I help myself to some ‘gulab jamun’ or ‘rasmalai’. If I am travelling, anything in chocolate or tiramisu satiate my craving.

Most evenings over the weekend are spent with my friends. I prefer to hang out with a close bunch at any place which offers good food and  great ambience. I usually pick restaurants that serve pan-Asian or Mediterranean cuisine.

I do a lot of stage shows and sometimes anchor events as well. So, if I am travelling over the weekend for a performance, the whole day goes into rehearsals, leaving very little time for myself. I love the stage and I travel with my entire crew.

Work has brought all the members of my crew close to each other and there’s never a dull moment whenever we are together. My mother, who also happens to be my manager, travels with me. So, the two of us spend a lot of time together both at work and at home.

Of late, my weekends at home have become very eventful with the arrival of our pup  — Tia. I grew up with pets when I was in London so bringing Tia home was a natural choice. A lot of time is spent running behind her and she always demands love and attention. We are only happy to oblige her.

I also have friends coming over to my place for a house party during the weekend. They come home just to relish my mother’s food. The menu could be anything from salads and ‘shami kabab’ to chicken and mutton biryani. She is such a good cook that it is hard to single out one dish.

My weekends are also about watching movies and catching up on TV shows like ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Scandal’ which I may have missed out on. I am a voracious reader and if I find a book interesting, then I can finish it in one go. My weekend reads include works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and  French literature.

Sunday is the only day I don’t work out not because I am lazy but because my gym is shut. I look forward to everyday as it brings with it something new. And I take things as they come.

A few of my favourite things

  French literature
  Comedy films
  Western classical music
  Salsa, Indian dances

(As told to Nina C George)

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