Harvest machine: A boon for farmers

Harvest machine: A boon for farmers

Harvesting in an acre of paddy field requires at least 12 labourers, which costs about Rs 1,200.

The power reaper machine, on the other hand, can harvest paddy in an acre or more than that in an hour. It needs only one or one-and-half litre kerosene and an expert driver.

It is cost effective too as harvesting an acre costs  just Rs 300 or Rs 350.

It not only saves time and money but also solves the problem of labour scarcity. The produce also dries up soon since the yield falls on a single side systematically. This helps easy handling and transportation too.

“The machine costs around Rs 72,000, but the Agriculture Department supplies the same at 50 per cent discount,” said Agriculture Officer T R Satyanarayana Rao speaking to Deccan Herald.

However, experienced farmers are of the opinion that the machine suits best to the large and small land holdings.

The farmers are  of the opinion that the power reaper is certainly a significant and a revolutionary step in  mechanisation of agriculture but it also needs several innovations.