A gentleman's game

A gentleman's game

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A gentleman's game

Vintage products have always held their own unique charm and possessing even one is a matter of great pride for the owner. Bringing that exclusivity and introducing something quirky for men is Karan Bangera, who runs his start-up ‘The Gentleman’s Community’, that came into being about a year ago.

Belonging to the hospitality sector and having worked for hotels in Dubai, London and Singapore, Karan returned to India in early 2014. Karan who was in Bengaluru recently says that it was out of sheer interest that he started the start-up.

He went through a lot of blogs and created a Facebook page in September that year wherein he shared pictures of upcoming men’s fashion trends including formal wear, bespoke shoes, cigars and anything related to a gentleman’s lifestyle.

“Incidentally, at that point, I also happened to visit a flea market in Mumbai. While my wife picked up a lot of things for herself, I couldn’t find anything for myself and realised that there’s a big gap in the men’s fashion industry. Not many people were making unique quirky stuff for men in terms of accessories. That’s when I booked a stall at the next flea market and promised to return with some cool things,” says Karan.

He adds, “I had two months to put everything together which included personally collected vintage items from my travels and also things that I sourced from online listings and local collectors. The stall did well and people liked the stuff as it was different. The vintage watches, eyewear, cufflinks, tie pins, brooches and collectibles were greatly appreciated by the audience and now we’re in Bengaluru too.”

Vintage watch brands like Tissot, Omega, West End Watch Co, Enicar, Favre Leuba and HMT feature as part of his collection. Karan has exhibited his merchandise at the Soul Sante, Kitsch Mandi and other flea markets in the City. The Upbeat store in Phoenix MarketCity also has a variety from his collection like the vintage frames, anchor bracelets and fish hook bracelets.

“The niche products are sourced by me from all over the world, especially the US and Europe. The bracelets are really trending and have been featured on several men’s fashion blogs. They have been imported from Singapore,” he highlights.

The response to ‘The Gentleman’s Community’ has been good as he adds, “People 28 years and above are mature enough to understand the timelessness of vintage items and find it classic and elegant. The bracelets appeal more to the fashion sensibilities of younger boys and find many takers among them.”

The vintage enthusiast is now looking to add more distinct items to his portfolio and draw an even greater audience for these age-old beauties. “It’s an unparalleled charm after all,” he says.

Karan can be reached on his Instagram account and Facebook page ‘Gentleman’s Community’.