Hillary better prepared to be next US president: Bill Clinton

Hillary better prepared to be next US president: Bill Clinton

Hillary better prepared to be next US president: Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton has said his wife Hillary Clinton is better prepared to be the US president than anyone else, as the former American president returned to the campaign trail for the Democratic frontrunner's 2016 White House bid.

"I do not believe in my lifetime anybody has run for this job in a moment of great importance who is better qualified by knowledge, experience and temperament to do what needs to be done," 69-year-old Clinton said at his first solo campaign event yesterday.

"In my adult lifetime, there has never been anyone better prepared for the job that awaits the next president than Hillary. Never," he said at an election campaign event in New Hampshire.

The two-term president said he is "really proud of Hillary" for being the first candidate to propose a comprehensive plan to help all those coal communities make a transition into a new economy.

"Those folks haven't been voting for us much lately... and she basically said I don't care, you're Americans. You deserve a chance. So when there is discrimination against African- Americans or Hispanics or Muslims just because of who they are, I don't like that.

"But what we never can forget that what we have to do is unite the police and the community, unite business and labour, unite this country. That's when things happen. When you have inclusive economics and inclusive societies and in order to do that, you have to have more inclusive politics," Clinton said.

So the big job of the next president is to give Americans inclusive economics, inclusive societies, inclusive politics and to defend the national security of the country in a way that preserves US values, that keeps big, bad things from happening and wages the battle.

"If you decide that, then you have to ask, well, who's the best person to do that job?," Clinton asked the audience.

"Hillary" responded the crowd with great applause.

"She has spent a lot of time travelling this country and listening to people, just like she did when she was a senator from New York or travelling the world when she was secretary of State. And she has a good economic plan.

"She says OK, we've got to cut our greenhouse gas emissions because we don't want to burn up the planet for our kids and grandkids, how in the wide work could you create more new businesses and more good jobs than by changing the way you produce and consume energy and other local resources? It's the greatest opportunity our country has ever had," Clinton said.

He said Hillary is pretty much still the same girl he fell in love with in law school.

"She really is. And that's why she's still really close friends with her best friend from grade school and why all these people she went to high school with are coming to New Hampshire or Iowa and why people she met more than 30 years ago in Arkansas keep coming to New Hampshire every time she's on the ballot," Clinton added.