Striking the right balance

Striking the right balance

Fingers crossed

Striking the right balance

Sandalwood actor Rakshit Shetty has proved his mettle to the Kannada audience with many projects and hopes to do just that with ‘Ricky’, which is slated to release on January 22. He and his team have been working on the movie for the last one year, but it was almost three years back that he first heard the story.

Rakshit recollects, “It was when ‘Tughlak’ released that the idea for this movie formulated. But right after that ‘Simple Agi Ondh Love Story’ happened and after that ‘Ulidavaru Kandanthe’, where Rishab worked with me.” He says that ‘Ricky’ was always on their minds. “Working with Rishab has done good for me. We’ve been friends for four years now, though we knew each other from before. We became thick friends after ‘Tughlak’ didn’t work.”

Rakshit says that he and Rishab knew each other’s thoughts, which helped him work better. “The script went through a lot of changes though the storyline remained. I could take control of the dialogues and that helped a lot.” He says that most often, they would discuss the scenes the previous day and then shoot. “It was a very comfortable zone.”

Ask him what about the project excited him and he says, “The script was different and spoke of interesting elements. It is on the lines of ‘Roja’ and is like a Mani Ratnam movie. With a few changes here and there, I was sure that the movie would connect well with the audience. The movie is on a serious issue and has its own commercial connect.”

‘Ricky’ is the tale of Radhakrishna (Rakshit) who is in love with Radha (played by Haripriya) since childhood. “I play a contemporary version of Krishna in the movie. When the hero feels that the heroine is moving away from him, he tries to do everything to win her back,” he says. About co-star Haripriya, Rakshit says, “It was after watching ‘Ugramm’ that I realised that she would fit the role. I suggested the same to Rishab and after he watched the movie too, he agreed that she would be the perfect choice. She has two roles in the movie, where she plays Radha in the first half and Sita in the second, which is in a different shade.”

Rakshit vouches that Haripriya is a very dedicated actress. “Playing two shades in the same film isn’t an easy task. Since the movie is not shot in sequence, she had to play one role in the morning and the other in the second half sometimes. She even shot for some of her stunt sequences.”

Every movie has a lesson for the artistes. “Having Haripriya play such challenging roles in the movie, made me push myself. Though initially, when the script was narrated, the movie was entirely about my character, it slowly evolved and there was importance given to the heroine’s character too. Thus, we had to strike a balance between both of them,” he says. “I couldn’t let anyone steal the show,” he adds, “Thus, I added extra elements
that enhanced my performance.”

There were many scenes in the movie which were a challenge, says Rakshit. “My favourite shot was the interval shot, where my hands are tied behind my back and I’m tied to a log. At such a point, to be able to concentrate and deliver dialogues in the right frame of mind, is a hard task,” he explains.

      He adds, “Around 60 per cent of the movie was shot in the forest of Karkala and there were many shots where I had to run in the forests. When running for the camera, one cannot look at the ground and this even led to a few minor injuries.”

Rakshit says that this romantic thriller has everything that the crowd will connect to. “This movie will impress the female and family audience. Once, Yograj sir told me that if a woman sees a film, five people will follow, and we strongly believe this. But we have our fingers crossed,” he says.