Shed your winter blues

Shed your winter blues

Exercise time

Shed your winter blues

Come winter and the cosiness of the blanket tempts us to not get out of the bed in the morning. As a result, weight gain, laziness and lethargy start overpowering our body and by the end of the winter, we have a body not ready for summer.

So how does one motivate oneself to hit the gym or take a long early morning walk? Here are some inspiring tales that might help you to motivate for a daily workout.

Shreshtha Panwar, a student of corporate law tells Metrolife, “Winter is a hard time for me. From the very first day, I make sure to pay my gym fees so that if my money is gone, it will push me every morning to go and work out.”

According to Amit Suri, a gym instructor, one must always work out during winter since it keeps us warm and we are able to burn more calories as compared to summer.

Knowing this, Pradeep Kumar, 30, takes off his blanket on the very first time his alarm rings in the morning. “Being the father of a one year old, I know how important it is for me to always stay fit and be in the right shape. But winter challenges me so I have to take some grave steps like removing my warm blanket off me at one stance and then immediately going to brush my teeth. This wakens me, even during the cold and foggy winter mornings,” says Kumar.

But for 25 year old Needhi Roy, putting up a pictures of “hot models” on the wall right opposite to her bed, helps her to wake up in the morning and take a run.

“Every time I put my alarm on snooze, a blurred picture on the wall captures the corner of my eye. Also, even if I have a hectic day, early morning is always free,” she says.

She further mentions how she prevents having impossible goals and keeps herself calm with short-term goals like going to the gym at least four days in a week. “This way, if not four, I workout for at least three days and that helps me in maintain my weight during winter.”

“Winter can really spoil you,” seconds Amandeep Saluja, who does client servicing for an events company.

“For me, until you love yourself, you can’t expect others to love you. And I love my body too. So I do everything to pamper myself and sweat it out wherever needed. In winter, working out is a must because water consumption is low so the metabolism is slower. Nonetheless, motivating myself to go to the gym is the most tedious task in winter. My quilt tells me not to leave the bed but the feeling of coming back with a glow and natural blush constantly keeps me on the move,” quips Saluja.