A real take

A real take

Maternity photography

A real take

A picture speaks a thousand words and people are going above and beyond to capture those memories, especially their baby bump stories.

Maternity photography is becoming a trend in the City as first-timers and experienced parents are celebrating their baby bumps with professional photo shoots that includes clothing changes, props and makeup in fun locations.

Mothers want to capture their special time as they believe that once the baby arrives, it’ll be a different story all together and they would like to make it all about themselves while they are pregnant.

Divya Shirodkar, a photographer, says that the Western concept is making a wave with many parents these days. She explains, “It’s absolutely wonderful to be capturing the young, glowing mothers while they are waiting for the baby to arrive. I’d like to take the pictures when she is around 34 weeks pregnant as it helps bring out the story better. Lalbagh and Cubbon Park are two of my favourite spots to shoot in.”

In order to break the ice, she loves talking to the parents and learns their story. “I’m a very talkative person, so that kind of helps them calm down and get comfortable with the camera. As we also play around with the props like baby shoes, the parents naturally blend in and give great pictures in return,” she adds.

Pregnancies today have their own stories to tell. Mothers like to chronicle their time before the baby arrives and the maternity shoots let them do just that. Some couples prefer to capture memories every couple of months, and some even after the baby has been born.

Many maternity hospitals are also encouraging this trend as they offer a package where the photographer can take pictures for them. Abner Francis, a freelance photographer, is one such photographer who has tied up with a few hospitals in the City to produce pictures for the expecting couples.

He says, “Mothers are usually the enthusiastic ones to try various poses for the pictures, but it’s not always easy with the husbands. Most of them come along because of their wives, but in the end, they cave in and do various stunts to get a good picture.”

He also says that what makes a great picture is when the photographer specifically compliments the subject and keeps interacting with them throughout the shoot.

“It’s important to tell your subject that certain positions, props and looks go best in certain situations and that will give them the encouragement to want to try more. It’s important to make them feel as involved as possible so that we can get good candid moments with them as well,” he says.

Many celebrities are fuelling this trend as they feel that they don’t need to hide their pregnancies anymore. Though many have become fashion-forward and women feel empowered to show off their bumps, the trend to do such shoots has not caught on with everyone.

Praveen Pillay, another photographer, says, “I’ve met a lot of couples who have produced some amazing pictures but they’d like to keep it a secret. I’ve even delivered a full album of pictures to a client’s friend’s house because they didn’t want the family to know. I think it’s mainly because of superstitious beliefs that people do not show off their baby bumps.”

But this is not the case with all his clients. Some, he says, are extremely enthusiastic and are looking forward to get the pictures so that they can upload it on their social media page.

As pregnancy is like the beginning of all things — wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities — parents are making these small moments into a big one before the little bundle of joy arrives.