Pvt hospitals refuse to display rate charts

Pvt hospitals refuse to display rate charts

In a move to prevent the private hospitals and clinics from fleecing the patients, the State government had instructed the private healthcare facilities across the City to put up rate charts in the Hospitals, as per the Karnataka Private Medical Establishments Act. But not many have bothered to follow the same.

Several clinics across the City have no charts put up at the reception while a few claim that they have it in the form of pamphlets. While several clinics have no board put up, top hospitals have charts with incomplete information.

It may be recalled that the issue was raised in the Legislative Council in March 2015, where Minister for Health and Family Welfare U T Khader said that the government would crack a whip on those hospitals violating the rules laid down in Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Act.

One of the conditions for a medical establishment to obtain license is also that tariffs for consultation, diagnosis, treatment, reports and other procedures ought to be displayed
 “Conspicuously and in prominent places.” This apart, the Act mandates that material in the form of printed brochures of rates and tariff be supplies to the patients and their attendants on request.

Apart from the rates, the name of the establishment and owners, registration of the State Medical Council, license form issued under the Karnataka Private Medical Establishments Act, system of medicine practiced and services available, working hours, names and qualifications of visiting consultants who are employed for diagnosing, advising or treating the patients among other should also be displayed.

Bengaluru Urban DHO Dr Vijay Mohan Reddy said that the officials have visited close to 25 centres in the recent past and have asked a few to put up the charts.

“For someone to get registration from the State Medical Council, it is mandatory to have followed all the rules mentioned under the Karnataka Private Medical Establishments Act.
Our officials are making surprise visits to the hospitals to see whether the rules are being followed.