On a journey of revolutions, theatre through posters

On a journey of revolutions, theatre through posters

Poster exhibition at Rangayana organised as part of 'Bahuroopi-2016'

At a time when freedom of expression is much talked, ‘Bahuroopi-2016,’ a national theatre festival at Rangayana, takes the visitors on a journey of several revolutions that shook the society.

Posters on innocents becoming victims of sexual assault, fight for freedom of speech, political issues, imperialism, poverty, child labour, terrorism and various movements are displayed outside Sriranga auditorium, venue of Bahuroopi film festival.

The intention is to create awareness among various anti-social activities and ongoing issues in different parts of the world, said one of the organisers and environmentalist Manu.

All over, 48 posters on different types of crimes and how to react during such incidents, are also on display. “Many people, particularly, students and teenagers lack proper knowledge about criminal activities. It will be helpful to them,” said a homemaker Anusha Kumar.

Another exhibition of posters greets the visitors at the entrance. The expo titled ‘Ranga Payanada Doniyalli’ (a journey of theatre), helps theatre buffs especially revisit plays staged at the good old repertory, irrespective of language.

Posters of dramas such as–’Hippolytor’, ‘Kindarajogi’, ‘Shanta Mudre’, ‘Shikara Surya’, ‘Ghora’, ‘Malegalalli Madumagalu’, ‘Sadarame Natakam’, ‘Checkmate’, ‘Apsare’ among others have been neatly arranged in order along with the related information on playwright, theatre troupe, directors.

The posters of plays penned by Rashtrakavi Kuvempu, Chandrashekar Kambar, theatre doyen and founder director of Rangayana B V Karanth, Girish Karnad among others have got a due place in the exhibition. In all 84 posters are exhibited under one roof.

“When youths are losing interest in dramas, theatre and folk arts, such kind of initiatives would generate interest and highlights rich culture of the country,” said a visitor and theatre enthusiast K S Srinivas. The expo also helps to attract youths towards the traditional arts, he added.