Different feel in Connaught Place, traffic moves smooth

Different feel in Connaught Place, traffic moves smooth

Fifteen days of odd-even rule has made a visible impact on Delhi’s traffic, if not as much on pollution. Smooth traffic at Connaught Place is the biggest example of this change.

Being a favourite shopping destination of Delhiites, CP also has offices of many national and multinational companies which choked the roads with vehicles all the time. However, things have changed during the trial.

“If we see Delhi as the body, CP has to be its heart, but the ever-increasing numbers of vehicles here were choking the roads, denting its image as the preferred choice for shopping and recreation. Since January 1, however, I can see the change for the better,” said Sartek, a musician.

“I live in south Delhi, and often come here for my musical shows and programmes. Earlier, it used to take more than one hour to reach here, but now I reach here in half an hour only,” Sartek added.

Hanging around in the central park, a young couple agreed that the lost charm of CP was back since the start of the scheme.

“Earlier, we had to negotiate all types of vehicles just to go from one place to another even while walking in the inner circle of CP, which used to put us off and we had started avoiding CP. Now, however, we are back here enjoying the excellent weather and traffic is the last thing in our mind,” said Sushant, a Delhi University student.

The experience, however, is not pleasant for everyone, especially for people coming from outside Delhi.

Looking distressed and holding a pair of cloth bags in his hands, Kapil Rastogi, a jeweller, had come all the way from Moradabad to visit All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

“Today, my mother had an appointment with a doctor at AIIMS, so I started off from Moradabad early in the morning. After reaching Gazrola, I switched on my FM radio and heard the RJ talking about Friday being the last day of the odd or even scheme,” said Rastogi.

“After checking on the Delhi Police website I got to know that my car whose registration number ends with an even one will draw a challan if it enters Delhi after 8 am. So I stepped on the gas and was at AIIMS before 8 am,” Rastogi added.

Rastogi, who spent more than Rs 2,000 just to travel in Delhi in autos after parking his car at AIIMS, complains that he was fleeced by autowallahs, once they figured out that he was an outsider.

“They charged me Rs 250 from AIIMS to CP, and when I inquired about the charges for Vasant Kunj from CP they were asking for Rs 700. My mother is sitting in the car, and we can move out only after 8 pm. You can imagine our plight. Next time I will avoid coming on my personal vehicle to Delhi,” Rastogi said.