Ex-MLA's son was driving car that killed IAF officer: Police

Ex-MLA's son was driving car that killed IAF officer: Police

Ex-MLA's son was driving car that killed IAF officer: Police

Sambia Sohrab, son of former RJD MLA Mohammed Sohrab, was behind the wheels of the car which mowed down IAF officer Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud during a rehearsal of Republic Day parade here, Kolkata Police today said.

A senior Kolkata Police officer said, Sachin Shah, who is employed in one of the hotels owned by Sohrab in Jorashanko area of the city was first called for questioning in connection with Wednesday's mishap and later on arrested.

"Going by what has emerged from our investigations we are somewhat sure that it was Sambia who was driving the car that killed Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud, the IAF drill instructor," the officer said.

Police have issued look out notice against Ambia Sohrab, his brother Sambia and their father former RJD MLA Mohammed Sohrab who are absconding after the incident on Red Road on Wednesday.

Police had also picked up another person for questioning after the incident but later allowed to go.

Asked about the number of passengers present in the car at the time of accident, the officer said it cannot be divulged for the sake of investigation.

"There can be one or more than one person riding the vehicle. It is still being verified. Witnesses are confused and have said they could not verify the exact number of persons present in the car as it was moving very fast."

On whether there were more than one vehicle involved in the mishap, the police officer said "Where the Audi broke the three guard rails witnesses did not see any other vehicle. We are still investigating the matter."

On the search for the Sohrabs, he said around ten places in the city, including hotels owned by them, were raided today but no trace of the trio was found.

He, however, denied that any team of sleuths of the force have been sent to the neighbouring states for the trio.

Kolkata Police and the Indian Air Force are in "constant touch" with each other regarding the developments in the probe, he added.