'She was blackmailing him'

'She was blackmailing him'

Vijendra Bishnoi and Nikita Chauhan met when the former was posted with Uttam Nagar Police Station and the latter was working as a news stringer for a media organisation.

A native of Jhajjhar in Haryana, Bishnoi had joined Delhi Police in 2001. In 2008, he was promoted to the rank of sub-inspector, and subsequently transferred to Ranhola Police Station in west Delhi. However, by then he and Nikita had come close to each other, and were thinking about getting married.

Marital discord
When Bishnoi’s wife came to know about his affair, their domestic life went into turmoil, resulting in domestic violence. Finally, his wife left his house in Delhi and started living
in Haryana with her child-ren.

She also filed a domestic violence case in Haryana against him, and an enquiry was ordered against the Delhi Police sub-inspector, said sources.

“Earlier Bishnoi and his wife and their two children were staying with him. For the past one year they have been staying in their native village in Jhajjhar, Haryana,” said an officer investigating the case.

According to sources, Nikita was a freelance journalist and had lodged a complaint of rape against Bishnoi but withdrew the same later.

The initial investigation suggests that she had allegedly extorted money from him for not lodging an official complaint and was asking the policeman to marry her.

Citing this as the main reason of tension between the two, sources said Nikita was further asking for more money from Bishnoi which irked him.

According to police, the incident took place around 9.45 am when Bishnoi asked the woman to come to the park.

When they were having a discussion, Bishnoi all of a sudden pulled out his service revolver and fired three bullets which hit the woman on her chest and abdomen, said an police officer.

After hearing the gun shots, some bystanders rushed towards them.
Bishnoi pointed the gun at himself and fired two rounds. One bullet hit his abdomen and the other his chest.