Daughter-in-law's lover murders man, arrested

Daughter-in-law's lover murders man, arrested

 A 55-year-old man was allegedly killed with a meat cleaver by his daughter-in-law’s lover in west Delhi’s Nihal Vihar. Kishan Lal had come to the capital from Rajasthan’s Dausa district two weeks ago to get treatment for severe joint pain, police said on Tuesday.

Police have arrested 37-year-old Jaseem Ansari, a resident of Uttam Nagar who worked as a construction contractor in west Delhi. According to police, Kishan was killed as the woman refused to meet Jaseem due to his presence in their house.

“Kishan’s body was found with his slit throat. It was discovered by locals in thick vegetation between two drains near Peer Baba Road in Nihal Vihar,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Pushpendra Kumar.

Accordingly, a murder case was registered with Nihal Vihar police station. The initial probe revealed that Kishan came Delhi two weeks ago and was staying at his son, Ram’s house in Vikas Nagar.

Ram worked as construction labourer mostly at Jaseem’s sites. “Jaseem frequently visited Ram’s house and developed physical relationship with Ram’s wife,” Kumar added.
Ram did not suspect the relation as Jaseem was his employer and used to financially help the family. “Jaseem had won the faith of the family, including Ram’s father who used to visit Delhi occasionally,” Kumar said.

About two weeks ago, Kishan told his son and daughter-in-law that he had been suffering from severe joint pain. He told the couple that he would stay in Delhi to get medical treatment.

Jaseem was uncomfortable with Kishan’s stay. He tried to meet the woman in the last two weeks, but in vain. “Kishan was present at the house all the time,” Kumar added.
Jaseem spoke to Kishan and came to know that he was keen to get rid off the joint pain.

On the fateful day, Jaseem had kept a meat cleaver in the storage space of his motorcycle. He then went to the park where Kishan usually went for evening walk.
Jaseem met Kishan outside the park and told him about the availability of grasses with medicinal value near Peer Baba Road. “Kishan was told that he will get rid off the pain,” Kumar said.

Kishan believed Jaseem and accompanied him on his motorcycle to the place of incident. Kishan was, however, brutally killed by slitting his throat with the meat cleaver.

As Kishan’s belongings, including a wrist watch, were found intact, the investigation team had ruled out robbery angle. On questioning of family members and local enquiry, it revealed that the woman had no issue even after eight years of marriage with Ram.

“She had developed illicit relations with Jaseem. When Jaseem came to know that Kishan will stay in Delhi for a while, he planned to eliminate him so that he could meet the woman,” Kumar added.