Police apps get e-Governance awards

Police apps get e-Governance awards

Two Delhi Police apps, ‘Delhi Traffic Police’ and ‘Lost Report’, will receive national e-Governance awards on Friday.

The 19th National Conference on e-Governance is being held in Nagpur.
Delhi Police Commissioner Bhim Sain Bassi told the media that they will continue to adopt technology to reduce public inconvenience.

Bassi said the initiatives are aimed at eliminating corruption and citizens’ harassment.
The Delhi Traffic Police app was launched in September 2015. According to Google, the app saw 50,000 to one lakh installs.

It provides traffic alerts and advisories, apart from facility to lodge complaints against autos and taxi in case of harassment, overcharging and misbehaviour.

“The app aims at increasing public engagement and providing them with easy access to information about the traffic situation in Delhi,” said a police officer.

Police have also lodged about 20 lakh ‘Lost Reports’ since the app for complaints of lost and misplaced articles was launched in February 2014.

Lodging a complaint no longer requires going to police stations and spending hours there.

However, false complaints are punishable.
A complaint can be lodged from anywhere and a printable digitally signed ‘Lost Report’ is instantantly sent back on the complainant’s mobile phone and email address

The report bears a unique Lost Report Number (LRN), which can be used for future search and retrieval of a copy of the report.

According to police, the app has significantly reduced the burden on staff.
Police also have several community services oriented apps. They include Police Clearance Certificate, Himmat SOS, Motor Vehicle Theft and Character Verification Report.
There is also a Beat Book app for beat constables.

The applications are available on Android and Apple smartphones, and on the Delhi Police website www.delhipolice.nic.in