The ballad of colours

The ballad of colours

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The ballad of colours

With a presence in the fashion industry for almost a decade now, ‘Soma Shop’ showcases custom-made prints and designs which bring out the uniqueness of each product — be it a quilt, bed spread or Indian and Western garments.

Marching alongside their goal of keeping the ancient craft of hand block printing alive in the villages of Rajasthan, they have geometric designs, abstract motifs and florals.  

Stylist speaks

Rohit Rajput and Namrutha Natarajan are students from Army Institute of Fashion and Design who are passionate about the world of fashion. By staying up-to-date with trends and styles, they hope to mark a place in the industry soon. They say, “‘Soma Shop’ has authentic block printed fabrics, crafts and weaves stories through its collection of exquisite products. It showcases the pride, labour, skill and individuality of each hand behind the fabric. It brings forth ensembles suitable for every occasion and accurately represents a trendy and laid back woman who is proud of her cultural heritage. The designs are truly unique and appealing.”

Dress:  2,520
Jacket:  1,905

Elan shirt:  1,655
Diwali ghagra:  2,040
Patwa nara:  210
Patwa necklace:  260

Organic top:  800
Organic skirt:  1,745
Scarf:  179
Sun hat:  465

Organic jumpsuit:  2,415
Maheshwari stole:  830
Gundi necklace:  525
Gundi earrings:  150
Bag:  1,045

Stole:  321     Celisia ghagra:
Scarf:  150
Broc potli purse: 473
Dizzy coat:  3,800