Will Vastu Shastra be your saviour?

Will Vastu Shastra be your saviour?

The traditional Hindu system of architecture, Vastu Shastra, is best used when one designing or building a house. But practitioner of this art, Madhu Kotiya claims that the direction in which one sits and studies can also make a lot of difference.

Though she agrees that students mostly face stress and tension, Kotiya claims that if the north-east portion of the house is clean and clutter-free, a lot of worries will go as this zone is where the brain of Vastu purush lies. Any defect in this area will weaken the concentration and memory of the child, she claims. She also claims that planet rahu rules the brain waves and the best way to appease rahu is to be positive and stress free. She shares some tips with Metrolife and claims that it will help students to sail through smoothly in board exams.

Accounts and mathematics: As these two subjects are considered tougher subjects than the others and scare students. To overcome the fear, students should sit facing north.
n Physics, architecture: Physics and architecture deals with various concepts and phenomenon. It requires conceptual skills to understand these subjects. According to Vastu if students sit facing south direction, they concentrate more.

Chemistry, biology: Chemistry and Biology requires deep study in the field of science. Students who are in science field feel under pressure and to deal with practicals on the side is an addition. If you sit facing south-east they can relax and concentrate more on studies.

Hindi, Sanskrit: Hindi and Sanskrit are the languages associated with our mother tongue. Though Hindi is the most spoken language still only few people develop keen interest in studying these subjects further. Sit in the direction of North-east that will enhance your memory.

Business studies, economics: Subjects related to business and economics deals with the reality that is happening in our day to day life. They are practical life related subjects and need practical exposure as well as theoretical knowledge. So if you want to study these subjects thoroughly and learn it in your memory, sit in the direction of South-east.

History: History is the subject where we have to read about the ancient time battles/wars and many more things related to ancient time, that is difficult and sometimes hard to remember. If you will sit facing west side region you can easily memorise the points which you want to learn from the examination point of view.

Psychology: The study of mind and behaviour is an applied science which tends to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases. According to Vastushastra if you sit facing in the direction of south-west, it opens your senses.