Freedom only meant furrowed brows for these convicts

Freedom only meant furrowed brows for these convicts

2 prisoners released from jail at rehab centre as families remain aloof

Freedom only meant furrowed brows for these convicts

These two convicts could not but feel forlorn. They were among 375 prisoners freed from various prisons across the State and among 114 released from the Hindalga jail on Tuesday.

While others of their ilk may have felt a sense of joy in their bossoms, having been given the opportunity to reunite with their families, it was as if life failed to blossom again for Ningappa Doddabhimappa Dalwai, a 60-year-old native of Morab in Navalgund (Dharwad district), and Suresh Arjappa Annacharti from Gadhinglaj in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. None of their kin was at the prison gates to receive them. 

The Republic Day release only landed Dalwai and Annacharti at the Nirashrita Parihara Kendra (rehabilitation centre for the homeless) at Mache near here. The jail has no facility to house released convicts.

No family member visited them even while they were lodged in the prison.

To add to their misery, they did not know where to go from the jail. Both were convicted for murder and spent over a decade in jail.

While Dalwai spoke about the village he hailed from and his family members,
Annacharti could only give the date on which he had murdered his wife.

Officials at the Nirashrita Parihara Kendra said both the convicts may require psychiatric evaluation.

As of now, they have been provided accommodation on the basis of the letter from the prison authorities, but the Kendra does not have a provision to house convicts released.

‘Duo mentally disturbed’
Prison Superintendent T P Sheesha said that both of them were mentally disturbed and required treatment.

Members of the prison advisory board said that they had recommended the
release of Dalwai and Annacharti so that they could be provided treatment.