Extra staff work in shifts to clear garbage at Lalbagh

Extra staff work in shifts to clear garbage at Lalbagh

Extra staff work in shifts to clear garbage at Lalbagh

The Republic Day flower show at the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens witnessed a rush of visitors over the last 10 days. But just as the show came to a close, the Horticulture department is struggling to clear the garbage in the park.

Despite the presence of volunteers educating people, piles of garbage could be seen around the park on Wednesday morning. Though there was a ban on plastic, the park was littered with covers, food packets, bottles among other rubbish. Leftover food in the garbage piles had attracted many stray dogs.

For the first time, the Horticulture department had hired additional staff to manage the garbage load. Since the rush was so high, the amount of garbage has also increased.

Horticulture Department Joint Director M Jagadeesh told Deccan Herald that apart from 60 staff members, an additional 20 people were hired to clear the garbage. Further, 40 volunteers from the Hasiru Dala were also roped in. Owing to the weekend rush, 25 more people were brought in.

“We have been clearing the garbage since Tuesday night. From January 16 to 26, five truckloads of garbage have been cleared, of which four truckloads were bio-waste.

On the last day, Tuesday, there were around 100 stalls inside and outside, and around 65,000 people flocked to the show, and as a result the garbage menace also increased. But the staff is working day and night in shifts to clear it,” Jagadeesh said.

Morning walkers at the park were shocked to see the garbage. But did not complain. P Sadashiv, president of Lalbagh Walkers Association said that on January 26, around 100 volunteers were seen educating people, but visitors were still throwing garbage around. Though walkers are inconvenienced, it happens after every flower show, he said.