Transition from the old to the new

Transition from the old to the new

It is important to bear in mind that the universe around us is permeated with a high degree of interconnectedness that we are not always conscious. We must awaken ourselves to this sense of interconnected- ness because it holds the key to our thoughts, words and actions.

When we are positive in outlook and action, it promotes harmony to all that links us to our environment and when we are negative in outlook and in action, it impacts the universe in the reverse.

In a powerful message, Sadguru Sharavana Baba said: "We have a strong internal connection with every atom in this universe. The universe is the womb in which we are all placed that leads us from the old into the new (constant change).

Due to this, we can never say that we are alone in this unive- rse. We are enriched with all the energy that is present in the bodies of our father and mother, from whom we obtained this body. When we turn inwards and perform worship to the divinity within, the inner light manifests. We then truly realise everything, see everything, know everything."

"When we begin to rea- lise what has to be realised and begin worshipping with sincerity that which has to be realised, our life then begins to favour our resolve.

When our life is in tune with our resolve, we get to realise that we have the Almighty's grace. It is not that His grace is absent. The truth is that it cannot be created; it can only be received or absorbed.

We must not be dispassionate towards anything, our thoughts must be illumined such that we are able to see the divine effulgence within everything that exists. Using cleansed words and actions, we must transition from the old to the new."

"We always say, 'forget the past!' We invariably find this very difficult. We must erase what is to be forgotten and highlight that which has to be remembered.

Does not this process constitute an inseparable part of our life? We must forget negative memories and cherish the truly blissful ones. Reject that which is detrimental and receive that which is beneficial (for life to proceed). Is not this the reason why this New Year has come in search of us? The basis of our life including peace of mind, physical well-being, victory in all walks of life, world peace, love and brotherhood, are all one and the same.

May all beings be blessed with true knowledge and goodness in the coming year."

Hankering after the past is an effective way to imprison ourselves by creating an absolute image of ourselves that prevents us from living in the present.