Turning into a conman

Turning into a conman

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Turning into a conman

Sandalwood actor Dhananjaya, who has just wrapped up his new project ‘Badmaash’, is bubbling with excitement and says the audience will have a lot to look forward to in this movie.

The film is directed by first-time director Akash Srivatsa and produced by Ravi Kashyap from Vibha Kashyap Production. Dhananjaya says that it was a fun experience to work with newcomers. “It is always interesting to work with a new team, who has the same thought process and is of the same age. The focus was to finish the project with finesse.

There was no ego massages involved. At the end of the day, it was all about team work.”
Dhananjaya adds that it’s easier to work with fresh talent as it provides a space for open discussions. “Akash and the team were always open to changes. There would be healthy arguments on the set and we would laugh it off and move on. Everything was taken in the right spirit.”

The actor vouches that the movie has good content and will appeal to the mass audience. “It has all the elements to make it click with anyone. The script deals with contemporary issues like betting, cricket, politics, films and more.”

The movie has been shot in Bengaluru and the song sequences in Pattaya and Hua Hin in Thailand, informs the actor. “Though Bengaluru is where I stay, the City looks very different through the camera. The director has used Bengaluru to represent all elements in the movie in a fine way.” “The film has revealed many shades of the City to me,” he adds.

Ask him what made him accept the movie and he says, “All the elements in the script were convincing enough.   I play 10 ‘avatars’, which was an interesting experience. The audience will see me as lord Rama, a police inspector, a cricketer and more. I’m a conman in the movie, hence the ‘avatars’. I’m hopeful that the audience will accept the movie with open arms.”

As far as the songs are concerned, he says, “‘Ishta Ishta Adre’ is a peppy dance number and ‘Mayavi Kanase’ is a duet. The songs are lively and complement the movie,” he says.
The actor adds that it was fun playing different people in different situations. “I enjoyed doing each one of those roles. I wouldn’t call the process difficult, but I love involving myself in challenging projects. There was no physical exercise or workout involved. All I had to do was slip into the character, and I hope I have done justice to it.”