Dispute in court, two sons told to pay rent

Dispute in court, two sons told to pay rent

The Verma family had been fighting the property dispute case for the past six years, and Kishan’s two elder sons were told by Tis Hazari court to pay rent. They paid Rs 3,000 per month for their gold and silver shop on the ground floor of the building.The money was deposited with the court.

On Thursday morning, Kishan’s elder sons Ajay and Vijay were also present on the ground floor. But they failed to note anything suspicious. The duo and Kishan’s relative Arvind are being seen as primary suspects.

Arvind, a resident of Saraswati Vihar, has told police that he had met Kishan on Wednesday evening. He is being treated as the last person to see Kishan and Rajbala alive.

“Arvind had gone to the house on Thursday morning to give homemade ladoo and halwa to Kishan and Rajbala. He was a regular visitor to the house,” Kishan’s relative Amit Soni told Deccan Herald.  

Kishan’s neighbours had also found the main gates of their houses bolted from outside on Thursday morning. At the same time, Kishan’s relative Arvind arrived there. He went inside the Verma family house to find the two bodies.

“We suspect that Kishan and Rajbala were killed in the wee hours of Thursday. It seems Kishan was killed while he was sleeping. The doors of the neighbours may have been bolted to suggest that the killers were there on Thursday morning,” said a police officer. 

The exact cause of death will be clear only after police receive the autopsy report. “We are also waiting for forensic investigation to culminate,” the officer added.

Police are questioning Kishan’s relatives, neighbours and domestic helps in the neighbourhood. Kishan had been living at the Shastri Nagar house for the past 14-15 years. His wife had died around 10-years-ago. Police also said Kishan was not a registered senior citizen with Sarai Rohilla police.