The zen factor

The zen factor

Royal platter

The zen factor

This city is a foodies delight with many options to choose from. But despite the many choices, sometimes the craving for traditional Indian food in the comfort of one’s own space is too hard to resist. This is where ‘Zzungry’ steps in.

Started by three young professionals, Subhash Baliga, Sandeep Rana and Ashish Kalya, who share a passion for food, this delivery option that provides ‘gharana’ food in eight different styles, is getting popular. Subhash says that they offer food which is from the royal kitchens of the country and not necessarily from the palaces that includes aromatic and flavour-filled delicacies. This is the motto of ‘Zzungry’.

“There are many cuisines available in Bengaluru, varying from Italian to Vietnamese. But the focus on Indian food has faded. We wanted to re-establish the presence of authentic and traditional Indian recipes, from North to South and West to East. Apart from this variety, utmost quality at one’s doorstep is what we vouch for,” he says. He adds that there is no cuisine comparable to Indian food, may it be in terms of quality or texture. “We wanted to communicate this clearly through our food,” he says.

One striking feature of this service is that they have a ‘gharana’ theme every week — the dishes explored till now are Golconda (Hyderabad), Kolhapur (Maharashtra), Goan, Bengali, Sailana (Madhya Pradesh), Rajputana (Rajasthan), Awadhi (Lucknow), Bhojpuri (Bihar), Patiala (Punjab), Kashmiri, Nepali, Garwhal (Uttarakhand) and Travancore (Kerala).

    “This is to provide different culinary experiences to the customer. We have various food items to indulge in, varying from ‘chena makhana sangam’, ‘dingri matar pulao’, ‘gulab jamun panjgiri’ and ‘tandoori malai broccoli’, from across the country,” he says.

    Subhash adds that there are more ‘gharana’ themes in the pipeline, which will be releasing soon. They also promise timely delivery of food in a span of 45 minutes. Sandeep, co-founder, says, “We came up with the name as we wanted to play on the word ‘hunger’. The first ‘z’ is the zing we added to the traditional format of Indian food. And the second ‘z’ is the state of zen, one will reach after indulging in our food.”

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