Teesta sees 'attempt to suppress freedom'

Teesta sees 'attempt to suppress freedom'

Human rights activist Teesta Setalvad said human rights would be protected when youth develop a power to raise voice against injustice in the society.

At an interaction with the students organised by the SDM College of Management, in association with Centre for Integrated Learning and Campus Career Academy here on Friday, she said the youth should question the society if they feel it is wrong.

“The Constitution has guaranteed freedom of speech and expression, but an attempt is being made to suppress this right. The suicide of research scholar Rohith Vemula has clearly highlighted inequality in education sector. The youth should bring about changes in education system and thereby try to open the eyes of the government. In spite of the UK being a capitalist country, the country has given stress on public education system. In India, the preference is given for the private educational institutions.”

Answering to a question posed by a student on choice of food, she said that the diversity in food habits is a part of the plurality of cultures and the right to consume food is guaranteed by the Constitution.  It is left to the individual to decide what food he wants to consume and not to consume.”

Expressing concern over immoral rowdyism (moral policing) that is rampant in Mangaluru, she said it is a part of violation of human rights wherein a sense of insecurity is created in the minds of youth.

Stating that elections are in the hands of money and corporate forces, she said that the textbooks do not have lessons on social movements in the country.

“Even after 70 years of independence, we are till in colonial mindset and the discrimination between male and female children has failed go away from our mindset. About 35 per cent of the people are still reeling under poverty,” she felt.