Development a long way to go in Kolnadu

Development a long way to go in Kolnadu

Though several development works in Kolnadu Gram Panchayat limits such as basic amenities, road and others have been carried out, the demands for a pre-university college and a community health centre, have not been fulfilled.

Kolnadu, which is known as the Gandhi village, has been adopted by District In-charge Minister B Ramanath Rai. Kolnadu, Salettoor, Kanyana, Karopadi and Manchi Gram Panchayats are in Kolnadu Zilla Panchayat constituency.

After Vittal was upgraded to Town Panchayat, the delimitation was done and Kanyana and Karopadi, which were in Vittal, came under Kolnadu area while Veerakamba, Vitlapadnur and Bolantoor villages in Kolnadu, were added to Mani.

The Zilla Panchayat road of Kanyana-Odiyooru-Muguli is filled with potholes. Minister Rai has laid the foundation stone for the construction of the PWD road at a cost of Rs 4 crore special grants. However, the assurance of asphaltation of Kudtamugeru-Kulalu-Kanyana road has not been fulfilled yet.

Foundation stone has not yet been laid for bridge work at Kadabu, Kodungayi and Kadumatt in Vitlasalettooru. These works have been taken up at a cost of Rs 6.90 crore.

Meanwhile, the Rs 26.5 crore Bahugrama drinking water scheme is getting implemented. Also, grants have been provided towards Narsha and Kadumutt High School building, Kudtamugeru Shantiyadka SC/ST colony link road development and development of 26 anganwadi centre buildings.

Students of Bakrabail, Manchi Kukkaje, Salettor, Kudtamugeru and other areas have to go to Vittal for their education. Hence, the people have sought the establishment of a high school in Kadumutt. The demand of people to construct a bridge in Kattattila near Salettoor has fallen on deaf ears.

Also, the people have urged the government to open a primary health centre, development of rural roads, construction of foot bridges, vented dams, public toilets, bus stands and protective walls for anganwadi buildings.