In the living room

In the living room

In the living room

Actor Anu Prabhakar says she has become choosy about the projects she now wants to work on. She was last seen in ‘Aatagara’ but she feels there’s so much more that she can do. She wanted to do something different when a script like ‘Aatagara’ came along. She says she liked it because there was a sense of freshness about the whole project. And now, after making her mark on the big and small screen, Anu has plans to return to television with a serial. The actor spoke to ‘Metrolife’ about the challenges before her and her return to television.

What according to you is the primary difference between working in television and cinema?
Well, workwise they are all the same but television has a much wider reach than cinema. You become popular on the big screen only if your film becomes a hit but the small screen takes you to the remotest corners. Somehow, television makes you feel closer to the people.

Tell us a little about your role in the new television serial.
I can’t give away too much but it is based on a fiction. It is written around mythology and devotion. I have worked on mythological characters before where I have played
a goddess but this one is different.

What is your criteria while choosing a project for television and cinema?
The strength of the script. I am particular that I even if I, do only one scene in the film, there must be a definite purpose to it.

You have become quite choosy with your projects. Why?
I have been around in the industry for a while now and it’s only natural that you would want to get better with every project. I am passionate about my work and I like to work with people who are just as passionate about their work. I am sure the audience has certain expectations from me and I don’t want to end up doing a shoddy job.

You were complimented for your role in ‘Aatagara’. What is the best compliment you have received?
Yes, a lot of people said I looked very good. I think that happiness comes from working with a young and vibrant team.

Do you believe in planning your career?
No, I don’t. I’ve worked in every conceivable genre — horror, comedy, romance. I’ve played a mother, sister, wife… but I definitely don’t want to do roles that are beyond my age.

A lot of people think you are reserved. Is that true?
No way. I think I talk too much so much so that I can start a conversation even with an electric pole. I may appear a little serious about my work because I respect everything I do and like to plan my work schedule. I am not open to sudden changes in it. I like to be prepared for my work.
As told to Nina C George