Hardik writes to CM, threatens second round of stir

Hardik writes to CM, threatens second round of stir

Hardik writes to CM, threatens second round of stir
Patel quota leader Hardik Patel has threatened to launch another round of agitation for reservation under OBC category and accused the Gujarat government of "failing" to resolve the main issue.

In a letter addressed to Chief Minister Anandiben Patel yesterday, Hardik, lodged in Surat jail, said if the issue was not sorted out soon the BJP will face the "wrath" of Patels in 2017 Assembly elections.

The copies of letter were made public today by his lawyer. Hardik, who had spearheaded the quota stir last year, also "welcomed" the decision of the state government to withdraw non-serious cases registered against Patel youths.

"I welcome your decision to withdraw cases against innocent Patel youths. However, the main issue, for which we have taken the path of agitation, is yet to be resolved by you. There is no word about that issue from the BJP-led state government yet," Hardik wrote.

The 22-year-old, who is facing sedition charges, asked the CM to expedite the process to release him as well as other jailed quota leaders.

"At present, our main demand is that all the jailed leaders should be released immediately. Patel youths are very angry and ready to start the next round of agitation. And, if that happens, no one can stop us from keeping BJP away from power in 2017," he stated.

Hardik also invited the CM to have a "healthy talk" on the reservation issue once Patel leaders are released from jail.

"I am not against you or the BJP. Patels also wish that power remains with a good leader and party. However, it is time you take a decision in favour of Patel community. I request you to release jailed leaders and engage in talks with us to arrive at solution," he added.