Warming up to the season

Warming up to the season

A dash of finesse

Warming up to the season
While winter is assumed to be the season when fashion takes a backseat, this collection is here to defy this notion.

Intrinsic to the collection is an experimental crossing between styles and sprinkling of colours to keep the customer looking bright all through. With a range that blends class, elegance and trends into varied styles, the collection offers a complete wardrobe.

It has everything, from jackets, sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts to stoles, shawls, mufflers and woven tops, which promises a dash of finesse and sophistication to one’s look. For denim lovers, there is the fashionable winter denims, specially designed to keep one warm.

With a special winter-specific treatment inside the denim, the denim will feel like a glove. Amalgamating the conventional style of sweatshirts and jackets, the new collection has introduced the ‘Sweacket’ (a combination of the sweatshirt and the jacket) that will keep the wearer comfortably stylish.

About the must-haves from the collection, Manish Chopra, vice president — merchandising, says, “The brand has tried to create a new experience for the customer, with never-seen-before picks that will redefine their style statement. ‘Sweackets’ are something that must be a part of everyone’s wardrobe.”

Manish says that the knitted jackets, shirts, printed fabric shirts and mix and match concepts are other must-haves, in women and men’s collection.  He adds that the collection has a range of printed quilts, hooded sweatshirts, zippered sweatshirts, bonded lace sweatshirts and bonded mink reversible sweatshirts for everyone.

Manish details, “A variety of coats like overprinted jacquards, long to short convertible coats, woollen jacquards, convertible coats and quilted woollen coats are also an inclusive part of the collection.”

He says that the collection this year stands apart from the last season as there are some light-weight jackets and also some fine-count utility jackets in this year’s collection.

Besides regular wear, the collection also includes shawls and scarves that are designed with a mix of strong and bold colours with hints of shades like smokey grey, earthy brown, bright red and orange.