Happiness begins at home

My perfect weekend

Happiness begins at home

Aashka Goradia, Television Actor

As an actor, I can confidently say that I can never distinguish between a weekend and a weekday. It is a myth if an actor believes that they will have a weekend to themselves. But having said that, I think, amidst my hectic schedule, it is a blessing to be able to stay at home on a weekend.

I travel during most of the weekends but when I am home, I make sure that I do all the things that I don’t get to do on regular days which could be anything from spending time with my dogs to watching movies to even relaxing with a face pack that I specially make at home.

Weekends are usually relaxed whenever I am not working. The pace suddenly slackens. I stay at home and spend time with a select group of friends. We either go out or I dish up something interesting at home. I don’t like to eat too much non-vegetarian food and prefer sticking to a vegetarian fare.

I’ve always wanted to be a vegan but somehow, thanks to my work, I have never been able to get down to working towards it. Being a vegan requires that I completely give up on milk and egg-based products which I am not able to do immediately. So, weekends are when try to practice some vegan-like food habits.

I also reserve my weekends for my exercises which include a session of functional training, kickboxing and rope work. I concentrate on keeping healthy and staying fit. I don’t believe in starving myself to look fit but I eat well and burn it out.  I also do a lot of reading which could be anything from a book to scanning through the latest tweets and even watching a bit of news on television to understand what is happening around the world.

On regular days, I don’t get time to read or even catch up on what is happening around me. We work in an industry which not only leaves us with very little time but also expects us to be up–to–date with everything happening around. As an actor, you can’t afford to lose track of the developments — in the glamour industry or the world in general. It is important to stay updated and stay smart.

Weekends are also special as my family comes to visit because I don’t stay with them and live alone. Time with my father Dhimant, mother Bhavika and brother Shivam is precious. My mother cooks some of my favourite dishes which I don’t get to eat on a normal day. And I adore my brother not only because he is almost 10 years younger to me but because we share the same thoughts on a variety of issues.

I largely work for the television industry which is not only very competitive but teaches you how to effectively manage time. So, whatever quiet time I get for myself is very precious because it gives me the space and freedom to unwind and gather my thoughts. It also a time when I get prepared for another challenging week ahead.

(As told to Nina C George)  

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