'India is one of the most stress-free destinations'

'India is one of the most stress-free destinations'

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'India is one of the most stress-free destinations'

It is not surprising that Bert Smorenburg, the world-famous Yamaha demonstrator and product guru, spends most of his time travelling around the world showcasing the award-winning Motif XS synthesisers.

The Dutchman is a veritable stand-up comedian and five-member band all rolled into one. On a whirlwind tour of the major metropolis cities in India, he is on his second visit to the country. “India is one of the most stress-free destinations I have toured in. Time lines here are highly flexible and nobody is anxious to reach anywhere on schedule. There is a different kind of reality in operation, unlike in other parts of the world,” he smiles.

Bert’s job is to demonstrate the technical range and scope of the Yamaha synthesisers which he does admirably. Turning the hi-tech instruments into a versatile plaything, he expertly produces a whole range of music from pure classical to hip hop, rap to house and everything else in between. He also manages to keep his audience rivetted and highly entertained with a steady stream of banter and repartee.

“My job is to showcase the range and scope of the synthesisers without becoming boringly technical,” he explains in a nutshell. This he does to perfection and the man obviously has his act down pat. Teaching music production in Amsterdam and touring different countries as a product demonstrator, he is both a highly gifted musician and an entertainer par excellence.

“India has a disturbing mix of contrasts, especially between the rich and poor. However, I am constantly amazed at how happy people seem to be here with much fewer material possessions. There is a great lesson in that too. Back home, we complain about every little thing. Our lives have to be so well ordered that the slightest disturbance cannot be tolerated. No wonder we are so stressed out,” he laughs.

Playing music from different genres and of different artistes, Bert also set out to explain how different sound effects can easily be achieved with a mere flick of a button, a twist of a knob or the touch of a key. Combining the state-of-the-art technology with his prodigious talent, the workshop he held was definitely enjoyable and as well as educational in all aspects.

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