Former US embassy worker found dead

Former US embassy worker found dead

No visible injury mark spotted on body

A 52-year-old former American Embassy employee was found dead at his house in south Delhi’s Krishna Nagar area on Sunday night. 

According to police, the deceased, Ravinder Kumar was paralysed on one side of the body. Police have not found any visible injury marks on the body. Sign of any forced entry has also not been reported from the place.

Neighbours of Ravinder called the police after a strong stench enveloped the entire building. They had also been hearing the nonstop TV noise coming from his house for some days. 

“We broke the door open and found the body on the bed. The television and heater were on, and the house was filled with a foul smell of decomposed body. We suspect that he had been dead for more than a week,’’ said a senior police officer.

Ravinder used to live alone in the two-room apartment. His wife and two children live in Chicago. 

 “Five years back he along with his wife, daughter and son went to Chicago. Two years ago he came back. I think he couldn’t adjust to the lifestyle there. His family still lives there, I am not sure whether they will even return after hearing his death,’’ said a neighbour.

A recluse and short-tempered by nature, his neighbours say that there was a marked change in his behaviour since he returned back from Chicago.

“When his family was here, he used to interact with us, and was a fine person. However, since his return from America, he became weird. He would not respond to any of our queries. One day my son accidently spat on him. He got so incensed by the act that he threw his shirt, on which the saliva drops had landed, on our door and didn’t take it back,’’ said a neighbour of the deceased.

“He used to drink a lot, and would come up to our house for fight if he had heard a noise coming from our house,’’ the neighbour added.

Police are thinking about conducting a post-mortem of the body, as chances of Ravinder’s family coming over to India from Chicago are slim.

There is, however, another problem which the building residents are facing after the removal of the body. “Police took away the body today; however, they didn’t bother to wash the house. The stench coming from the house is unbearable. It’s making us sick. We have to burn several incense sticks to suppress the stench, however, the moment we open our door, the foul smell enters in our house,” one of the neighbours said.