'Sabhapathy is an opportunist'

'Sabhapathy is an opportunist'

Former Block Congress president and rebel Rajesh Shetty Birthy said the party leader Sabhapathy has no right to censure former MP Jayaprakash Hegde.

Shetty told mediapersons here on Thursday that Hegde is not an opportunist like Sabhapathy. 

“Sabhapathy should look into himself before commenting on Hegde. Sabhapathy, being an opportunist, is eyeing for the post of District Congress Committee. Hence, he is now supporting Congress. He sells his integrity for money. He had sold the ticket he received for contesting the election earlier for a substantial amount and later jumped to another political party,” he ridiculed. 

Asserting that Hegde is a loyalist and a committed person, Shetty said Hegde’s supporters are going out of Congress and it will have a major impact in the forthcoming zilla and taluk panchayat elections.They will support other political parties, he added.  

He said Congress will witness a setback though it is in power in the State. It does not allow to make a career. It is an old men gang who will not tolerate the growth of the second line leaders. The major drawback of Congress is that the new wave is suppressed and the younger generations are not allowed to play the role in the party set up, he criticised. 

He charged that the government has failed to address the issues like form 9 and 11 and the Kumki rights. The panchayat officials were lured and compelled to give more and more BPL cards. Under the pressure,  BPL cards were also given to ineligible people, he claimed. 

He said the form 9 and 11 issue has deprived poor of loan facilities. Kumki rights are also being snatched away, he charged.

He added that the independent candidate Ullas Shetty from Saibarakatte will be supported by Hegde and his supporters. The future course of action will be decided following the election results, he stated.