'India has tradition in software development'

'India has tradition in software development'

Professor and Associate Dean, Research and External relations, McMaster University, Canada, John S Preston, on Thursday, said India had its own tradition in development of software.

While delivering the keynote address and lecture on ‘Epitaxial Growth of Semiconductor Films on Oxide Substrates,’ during the second Indo-Canadian Symposium on Nano-Science and Technology (ICSNST’16), organised here by National Institute of Engineering (NIE), he said, India had a long history in Material Research and software development. “With new innovations on a wide range of materials, the cost has become cheaper, but, there are many challenges ahead. The vast majority of epitaxial semiconductor growth takes place on semiconductor substrates that are either identical or isostructural with the overlaying material. The professor also highlighted various examples in which semiconductors can be grown with excellent structural and electronic properties on oxide crystals such as sapphire. These film-substrate combinations offer some interesting opportunities for novel device architectures and possibly the integration of silicon and compound semiconductor technologies at a modest cost,” he said.Addressing the gathering NIE Principal G L Shekar said, the primary objective of the symposium is to provide a stimulating and buzzing platform for the participants from academia, research organisations and industry, who are actively involved in research on nano-science and technology, to present results from their ongoing works.

The event covered a range of topics from nano scale science and technology and also addressed the interdisciplinary, international nature of this exciting and rapidly growing field. It also provides opportunities for the delegates to directly exchange new ideas and applications to foster business or research initiatives and to find global partners for future collaboration through their poster presentations and abstracts, the principal said.

NIE Board of Management Secretary S K Lakshminarayana said the NIE and the McMaster University had signed an agreement, which leads to new scientific and research discoveries. He stressed on the need for faculty and student exchange programmes for scientific growth to update the knowledge on nanotechnology.

McMaster University Electrical and Computer department professor Shiva Kumar, NIE vice-president N Ramanuja and others were present.