Free trees of defacement in one month: Depts told

Free trees of defacement in one month: Depts told

In compliance with the National Green Tribunal (NGT) order, Delhi Tourism Minister Kapil Mishra on Wednesday has directed all departments concerned, to prevent defacement and damage to trees within.

The minister also said he could be contacted if someone sees a violation. “Free The Tree - one month given to all my departments to comply. Inform me if u see a violation,” Kapil Mishra tweeted.

A circular issued by the Tourism Minister’s office makes it mandatory for the departments concerned to remove advertisements, signages and electric wires.

“Trees play a vital role not just to enhance the aesthetics of tourist places but play a crucial role in mopping the pollutants. All the signboards, names, advertisements, any kind of boards or signages, electric wires and high tension cables are removed from the trees forthwith. It shall also be ensured that the concrete surrounding the trees is removed and all trees are looked after well.

“Further, due precaution be taken in future to prevent defacing of the trees in any manner whatsoever. It shall also be ensured that pruning of trees is done in accordance with law,” says the circular.

Check air pollution

The city government has approved the Public Works Department proposal for comprehensive maintenance of roads to control air pollution in Delhi arising out of dust on roads.

“One of the major causes of air pollution in Delhi is the fine suspended particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) due to dust on roads and construction sites.

“The dust gathered on roads due to improper or non-cleaning of roads is compounded further by lakhs of vehicles plying on streets,” the government said.

Manual sweeping of roads contributes further to rising levels of air pollution since particles fly off and remained suspended on the surface thereafter, the government added.

“In view of the existing situation, the cabinet approved the proposal authorising the PWD to carry out mechanised sweeping of PWD roads to begin with, and introduce Mechanised Stack Parking System on PWD roads.”

The expenditure for this work will be borne under the capital head of Roads and Bridges.