A proud moment

A proud moment

Graduation day

An air of solemnity hung at the St Joseph’s Boys’ High School (SJBHS) Graduation Day, as the valedictorians of 2015-2016 batch stood poised, ready to march through the gathering.

The dignitaries were escorted to their places by the vice-principal of SJBHS, Miriam Angelo and the administrator of the primary section, Fr Sunil Fernandes, after receiving the customary ‘Josephite Guard of Honour’.

The valedictorians then moved down the red carpet, led by the principal of SJBHS, Fr Clifford Sequeira. The evening started with the invocation song, ‘Still’, sung by the students of Class XI. Fr Clifford Sequeira, then took the stage to welcome all. Rebecca D’Silva, a student of 12th standard, in her message, told the junior students that her journey through the year, was no better than the classic ‘Dante’s Inferno’, but in the end ‘Paradise’ was achieved.

The valedictorian from 10th standard, referred to Ralph Waldo Emerson, ‘Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail’.

The solemn transfer of charge took place to the tune of ‘Abide With Me’, played by the school band. The school flag was lowered by the students of 12th and 10th standard, and handed over to the students of the ninth and 11th standard, who then hoisted the flag symbolising the change of guard.

Thimappa Hegde, an alumni, and a guest of honour, told the valedictorians what he was told at his graduation, “You are no longer young boys or girls; but young men and women with a purpose,” he said.

He urged them to fulfill three things in life; to bring glory to those who matter in their lives; give more than they have received and to repay the debt to the teachers and school.
Rector Rev Fr Anthony Joseph, spoke to the valedictorians asking them to look back with joy and gratitude and to look forward with hope and confidence.