SDM Ujire students stage unique 17-second play

SDM Ujire students stage unique 17-second play

'Mahakaala' likely to enter Golden Book of World Record

SDM Ujire students stage unique 17-second play

 ‘Mahakaala,’ a 17-second long play, was staged by the students of SDM College in Ujire recently. The play is likely to enter the Golden Book of World Record.

The 27 students, who performed on the stage, had been practicing for the last two months. This is one of the shortest plays in the world.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Shraddha, a third year BA student said, “The play has inculcated positive thinking in students and made us face challenges in life with self respect.”


Theatre Centre Director Shivashankar Ninasam, who has directed the play, said the concept of the play was developed while pondering over man-made problems. The main theme of the play is lead a life with content. The play starts with nature and ends with starting a life with nature, he said.

Anabella Rebello of SNDT University and SDM College English lecturer Sooryanarayana Bhat helped in  translating the play.

Sriram N and Ravichandra helped in the art design for the play.
Some of the students who acted in the play are Smithesh, Shradha, Rahul G Das, Sukrithi, Kavanasri, Dhanagiri, Kavya, Sukeerthi, Prajwal, Kiran, Raghavendra, Sujnan Jain, Abhijith, Abhnandan Jain, Suvarchala Ambekar, Sandesh, Deepak, Harshith, Sooraj, Aditya, Nakshatri, Adarsha Holla, Anil, Anwith Gowda and Adarsha.