From mouse pad to paddy, techies turn farm workers for a day

From mouse pad to paddy, techies turn farm workers for a day

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From mouse pad to paddy, techies turn farm workers for a day

Holding paddy saplings and walking ankle-deep in slush may not exactly be the weekend activity that average techies, accountants and other white-collared employees engage in to unwind. But these were not average techies. They were a group of executives wanting to know something about the farming community and agriculture.

 Nearly 25 employees from Bengaluru, accustomed to working on their keyboards and the mouses in air-conditioned cabins, turned agriculture labourers for a day. They worked in the paddy fields and transplanted paddy saplings on one acre of land belonging to Nagaraj in Karasavadi near here.

Mandya Organic Organisation (MOO) brought them to the fields for agriculture work as a part of their programme of creating awareness among officials and youths in urban areas about the farming community and issues faced by farmers. After initial hesitation, the group took the plunge and entered the field filled with slush and seemed to enjoy the work.  “A majority of the participants were unaware about the issues of farmers and about the importance of agriculture.

This is an attempt to attract them towards the farming community and to generate interest. Besides, the participants will come to know the value of farmers and their produce,” said MOO honorary president Prasanna Gowda.

The organisation also conducts awareness programmes for school and college students and youths for the welfare of farming community and to promote healthy food habits. This is the MOO’s 30th such event.

“There is good demand for organic products, but, they need better marketing facilities. In recent days, the MOO has been providing a market for organic products and farmers are now hopeful of getting a market for their produce,” said MOO founder Madhuchandan.