'I love being in the studio and on stage'

'I love being in the studio and on stage'

Musical trip

Aditi Singh Sharma, who sung Sooraj Dooba Hain — one of the most-played tracks of last year, is known for her power-packed performances both on stage and in the studio. But the singer has no favourites, and says she loves both the platforms equally, despite them being technically different.

“I absolutely love both the things. I have been on stage way longer than I have been in a studio, and I just feel like both the jobs are different and one can’t compare. Because, to be a good stage performer you need things like personality, crowd interaction and more. But to be a good studio singer you need to have a great tone, good pitching,
timing and more,” she tells Metrolife.

Sharma, who has also lent her voice to songs like Aali Re and Dilli Dilli from No One Killed Jessica, Raabta from Agent Vinod and Offo from 2 States, admits that while she has been singing since she was a child, she never thought of becoming a singer.

“I think it is something that came naturally to me,” she says, adding that her stint with Bollywood began when she met music composers Vishal Dadlani and Ehsaan Noorani at the Jack Daniel’s Rock awards in the capital city, which she was hosting.

“Ehsaan just asked me if I sing in Hindi, and also asked me to send him some of my work. I sent him a CD of my work which he played to Shankar, after which they flew me down to Mumbai to sing on an album called ‘The High School Musical 2’. That was not a film song, but that was how I came to Mumbai for the first time to be in the studio,” she says.

She continues, “After that, Amit Trivedi, who had attended one of my shows in Mumbai, asked me to come down to his studio to try my voice on a song. And that song eventually was Yehi Meri Zindagi Hai from Dev D and that is when it started. So Ehsaan Noorani is one of the reasons of me becoming a playback singer. Had he not asked me for my demo or showed it to Shankarji, all this wouldn’t have happened.”

While admitting that there are many genres which she would like to experiment with, Sharma says she enjoys romantic songs and dance numbers. On being asked if there is a particular actor she wants to lend her voice to, Sharma says, she had many actors on her list, which are slowly being ticked marked.

“I had a lot of actors for whom I would love to sing.

Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were there in that list, and I have sung more than one song for both of them. Now, on my list are Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone,” she says.

And if there is one song she wishes she had sung? “There are many songs that I keep humming and sing along. One such songs is the title track of Bang Bang. A lot of people even messaged to ask me if I have sung it or why haven’t I sung it. I absolutely love that song. May be, Disco Deewane. There are many actually, but these are on top of my mind now,” says Sharma, adding that had she not been a singer she is “pretty sure I would have been a chef by now”.