'I don't clutter my mind'

'I don't clutter my mind'

Candid conversation

'I don't clutter my mind'

Actor, director and television host Ramesh Aravind is indefatigable. He may don many roles but that doesn’t restrain him from bringing matchless energy and enthusiasm to every one of them.

The felicity with which he switches roles is reflected in his rambling conversations too. In a chat with Nina C George, Ramesh talks about his unusual role in his latest Kannada release ‘Re’, how he is able to excel as an actor in ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ and as a director in ‘Gandu Endare Gandu’ and his experiences of hosting the television chat show ‘Weekend with Ramesh’.

How do you interpret the title and meaning of ‘Re’?

‘Re’ means ‘if’. Our lives revolve around some hope, some ‘if’ waiting to be realised. Every minute is a wish waiting to be fulfilled. But one of the biggest ‘ifs’ is about one’s life partner. Will I get the right life partner? ‘Re’ and the role that I play in it are about my fantasy of a mystery girl. Will I unite with her? What if her dreams and mine don’t match? So I think the title ‘Re’ is perfect for the subject. Director Sunil Kumar Desai had kept it untitled for a very long time. It was only towards the end of the shoot that he decided to call it ‘Re.’ And I was thrilled because it rightly captures the mood of the film.

You have worked with Sunil Kumar Desai in ‘Nammoora Mandara Hoove’ and ‘Prathyartha’. How different is it working with him now in ‘Re’?

‘Re’ is similar to ‘Nammoora Mandara Hoove’ in feel and experience than ‘Prathyartha’.  It is a lively, fun-filled, happy film but has its share of bizarre characters, peppy scenes and music. It has a mix of veteran actors and new talents. Beyond all that you may have heard about ‘Re’ so far, there’s still a surprise element waiting for you in the theatre.

You have played a lover boy before but how different is your character in this movie?

I play an ordinary lover boy, stuck in extraordinary circumstances, amidst some of the weirdest characters you will see on the Kannada screen. I play a regular guy from a small town coming to a big city. Harshika Poonacha and Suman play the female romantic leads. There’s another mystery woman too. I like the freshness of its romantic scenes. The people who help me in my love story are unbelievably cute.

What is your definition of love and marriage?

Love is perhaps beyond definition. It refuses to be a prisoner of just a few words. The closest definition that I can think of it is unconditional and total acceptance with no fault-finding, complaints or demands. Marriage is a fabulous social arrangement to begin a wonderful bond called family.

How do you handle the ‘ifs’ and the ‘buts’ in your life, both as an actor and otherwise?

I believe in ‘doing your best and not worrying about the result’. This is not just a philosophical idea but a practical mantra that can keep you sane and not let you drown in depression during tough times. There’s going to be plenty of them anyway if you are in the creative business.

What’s there for a common man to take home after watching ‘Re’?

Anyone who watches ‘Re’ is going to be entertained. He or she will surely laugh out and start thinking about destiny and the concept of free will after watching the film.

You started working on your directorial project during the shooting of ‘Re’. How do you juggle so many roles with ease?

I plan my work in advance and I don’t procrastinate. I don’t clutter my mind. So I am happy doing all this together. More than anything else, each of these — acting, directing and hosting — is a great joy to do. As long as you enjoy doing it, long hours are not an issue. On some days, it’s a bit tiring, mainly from having to travel long distances and battling traffic snarls. But that’s a part of the package.

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