Fashion comebacks

Fashion comebacks


Fashion comebacks

This is the year when many fashion styles of the previous decades are coming back to the fore, especially the ones that took the 70s by storm. Spring summer 2016 is seeing various 70s silhouettes, fabrics and detailing coming back, albeit with modern tweaks. After all, it is said that fashion is cyclical.

We have been noticing fringes and tassels for a while now, especially on bags, shoes, tops, dresses, belts, necklaces, bracelets, and coats. It started in the fag end of 2015 and continues to work its charm till today. We see it in amusing colours for a fun summer-time feel and in some retro-meet-futuristic designs; the quirky and cool twists on bags, accessories, apparels and their unexpected placements give the entire look a dramatic, yet sassy flair. Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has carried off the ‘fringe look’ very well in Kapoor & Sons for the song Let’s nacho. The black fringes, which quite literally hang from her waist, have done justice to the trend in the most fashionable way possible!

Gold is big too this year. Shimmering gold with an ultramodern appeal has been the highlight that everything from clothing to shoes has taken on. Whether it was actress Margot Robbie at the Oscars or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the Golden Globe Awards this year, this colour is taking over the fashion industry this season, albeit in a more toned down manner. For that unique look, mix gold with an element of grunge.

Bag it in style

Another way in which the 70s fashion essence is being captured is the traditional saddle bag, which is seen in a variety of styles and colours today. With simple fastenings, strong shoulder straps and classic moon shapes and curved edges, many catwalk shows have been making the most of it.

 If you are looking for something that is out of the world for your handbag, look no further than exotic and embossed materials. Exotic imprints such as animal prints on different designs with contrasting colour are making the rounds this season.

Additionally, bag styles such as brief-cases, handcarrys and wallets work really well with luxurious textures. These also work well for those who like a touch of the royal and classic.

If you are the kind who is always on the move and need bags to carry your entire world, you are going to love the multiple bag trend. This season is all about catering to the needs of the multitasking modern consumer. As if a single bag was not enough to make a statement, this season’s designs include mini versions of larger bags and a lot more space and compartments to organise your universe.

 Mini pouches come in geometric shapes. Cylindrical and triangular bags are no longer being carried on their own; these are clipped on to bigger bags to recreate a trendy catwalk look. It’s a stylish way to solve every woman’s dilemma of carrying all her miniature essentials, along with wanting to keep up with the latest fashion trends. A trendy way to stay well-equipped and travel-ready stylishly!

 Apart from these, this season is also seeing a lot of retro-futuristic bags and clutches with animated designs.

For all the tech-savvy, fashionable women on the go who find the need to take care of all their gadgets, the backpack is just the perfect bet! Backpacks are now getting revamped and coming in with convertible top-handles and detachable straps that allow the backpack to be worn in a number of ways, creating a multi-functional silhouette. Or if you prefer to travel light and hands free, the season has something petite yet stylish in store for you too. With elegant detailing and vibrant colour integration, these backpacks are crafted to suit the needs of the modern traveller.

Colours speak

If you love colours and experimenting with them, colour blocking is the perfect option for you. This trend is slowly making its way back into many wardrobes in several ways. Bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are seen taking up the colour-blocking trend in many of their ensembles for red carpet events and runways alike.

Apparels are just one way of getting that pop of colour and allowing confidence to ooze out in style. But if you are apprehensive about giving it a try, a colour-blocked handbag is the best way to go.

This season is all about being vivacious,   bold, beautiful and confident in your own style. Grab the limelight and make the right impression. Flaunt your stylish avatars with the hottest trends of the season — golden hues, vibrant colours, tassels, fringes, backpacks and more. It’s time to make a great addition to your  wardrobe and add that extra oomph factor to your day’s ensemble. Happy trending!

(The author is founder and creative head, Baggit India Pvt Ltd)

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