Because wood is good...

Because wood is good...

If you are looking for something that is edgy and modern, you can juxtapose distressed wood with a touch of metal

Because wood is good...

To add texture to your home, all you need to do is invest in wood. From furniture pieces to wall accents, Bindu Gopal Rao shows you how to make the most of the decor material that’ll always be loved for its natural and organic appeal

Looking to spruce up your home with new materials? Use wood; it is a winner, hands down . Wood has always been a designer’s choice for home decor as it brings natural and organic elements into a space.

“Starting from windows to furniture, wood can be used practically anywhere. It has a very organic appeal and impression,” says Vaibhav Jain, CEO, Deco Window. And, it doesn’t stop at that; wood can be creatively used in various ways in your home, inside and outside.

Incorporating wood into your home is easy and it can be done in different, drama-tic ways. “Whether it’s a sassy light fixture or accent wall, wood can be a harmonious partner to modern materials and angular designs,” avers Neelanjan Gupto, interior designer, Neelanjan Gupto Design Studio.

“Wood can be used in combination with natural materials like stones and man-made materials like glass and tiles can be effectively used for interesting home decor options,” adds Namita Agarwal, head —interior design, Mebelkart.

Furniture favourite

One of the popular spaces wood is extensively used in is furniture. “Wood has
always been spread at its colourful best in furniture and this can be seen in a variety of coffee and dining tables,” says Sagar Datta, interior designer and owner, Casa Interio. If you are interested in using wood on the outside of your home, you can perhaps consider it as part of outdoor furniture.

What is making a lot of heads turn today is refurbished furniture, which has been gaining popularity over the past few years. However, these come with a twist. “A dash of colour and twist of design has enlivened the old furniture with immaculate restoration by skilled designers,” explains Abhiraj Kulkarni, business development manager,

Increasingly, people are seeing ways to use reclaimed elements, especially wood, when decorating their homes. This is because every year, nearly 20 million trees are cut down for various uses. More and more people today are open to using materials that are similar in nature and looks to wood.

For instance, you can use wood-look tiles. “This is a great solution in terms of look and feel that can keep the budget in check. The cost of maintenance on tile includes a simple resealing rather than the resurfacing, refinishing and resealing that wood requires,” elaborates Ashok Goyal, CEO, Nitco Limited.

Some of the popular reclaimed wood furniture and decor pieces made these days include dining tables, bookshelves, speakers, pallet clocks and toilet paper holders.

Design wise

Wood has now turned out to be a significant element of design. “A strong trend for 2016 is the visibility of materials such as wood and marble compounds in the design projects. The multiple usages of wood and its pleasant characteristic make a rich field for art exploitation. This year is all about experimenting with layering different textures and materials together in a cohesive way,” says Ranjit Singh, president, British Paints.

Wood also adds a bit of an edge to a retro-futuristic living space and gives a soothing appeal to the home. “As a result, there has been a lot of interest in decor items such as oak kitchen countertops,  walnut staircases and wooden pergolas,”  states Prashant Mirkar, VP — marketing and sales, House of Hiranandani.

In fact, these types of designs are gaining a lot of popularity among designers who are looking to give a vintage makeover to domestic spaces. And one way of doing so is through rustic decor. “Today, home-owners are looking for a rustic or vintage touch that can be added to the typical modern decor,” agrees Shibani Jain, founder and CEO, Baaya Design.

Dyed veneers are also proving to be popular among homeowners. “Veneer or wood used in a herringbone pattern proves to be a popular choice for wall panelling or even as wardrobe shutters,” maintains Minnie Bhatt, interior designer, Minnie Bhatt Designs.

However, today most homes are seeing woodwork that have clean and straight lines. “As a result, much of the wood decor has little or no carving or detailing at all. As modern design follows natural elements, wood is being seen more and more in flooring, wall decals and shelving,” opines Mehaa Seth Marwah, co-founder,

As far as accessorising your home with wood is concerned, there are several ways to do it. A chic bohemian look is one way to go. For this, all you need to do is pair an assortment of modern wood furniture with fuzzy faux sheepskins, plush rugs and artful wool poufs to complete the look.

“Additionally, if you are looking for something that is edgy and modern at the same time, one can juxtapose distressed wood with a touch of metal,” says Megha Joshi,
director, The Purple Pony.

Tender loving care

Like all things of beauty, wood deserves the best of care. “If you spot piles of wood dust on or under your furniture, the wood has probably been attacked by insects.

Fumigation and inspection would be required periodically. Be careful about what you place on your wooden surfaces as they need to be protected from exposure to excessive heat and moisture,” states Tina Srichand Menda, architect and lead interior designer, Unishire.

To offer the best protection, you can vacuum your wooden furniture and clean them with a soft dampened cloth. Or, if you want, you can also wax and polish them to give a fresh look.

Apart from that, the best way to maintain the wood well is to use the material in its
region of origin. “By doing so, the essential oils and water content within the wood maintain themselves without degenerating,” elaborates Brijesh Chinia, founder & CEO, BRIC Design Group.

A good piece of wood is meant to last for generations. And with the material being available in so many intricate designs and shapes today, there is something in store for every home. So, take your pick and lend your abode the natural elegance of wood’s organic appeal.

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