Donning roles with ease

Donning roles with ease

Donning roles with ease
Nothing is impossible for actor Sharan when it comes to acting. The actor carried himself with great ease in different and unique roles in ‘Jai Lalitha’, ‘Bullet Basya’ and ‘Adyaksha’.

Sharan has literally changed his whole being for playing the character of a woman in ‘Jai Lalitha’ where he acted every inch like a woman. He has now donned 4 different looks in his latest ‘Jai Maruthi 800’. He describes his character in the movie as “colourful”.

It’s not only Sharan’s character in the movie that is interesting, the title ‘Jai Maruthi 800’ too has aroused a lot of curiosity among the people. Asked if his character in the movie is called Maruthi, Sharan says, “I have 4 names in the movie and the name ‘Maruthi’ is the suspense element in the film. It is neither the name of my character nor has it got any thing to do with the vehicle. Maruthi and 800 don’t mean the same thing. The two have different connotations and meaning in the film,” explains Sharan.

Popularly known for his comic roles, Sharan says, he gets to do a bit of everything —from action, romance to comedy in ‘Jai Maruthi 800’. “The action sequences are not the regular fights and even the romantic scenes have been worked upon to take away from the monotony,” he adds. He also gets to romance 2 women —  Sruthi Hariharan and Shubha Punja. “Working with Sruthi and Shubha has been interesting because they are both very talented and extremely different. They’ve both been around in the industry for less than a decade and this allows them to learn more,” he says. 

Sharan also sports a 6 pack for the film and says he has worked very hard for the look. He says he gained weight the natural way rather than work out to build a hefty body. “I didn’t do any extra weight training and indulge in endless hours of exercise to get a 6 pack. I chose to go slow and gain weight the normal way because I didn’t want to appear bulky,” he adds.

Why does he think ‘Jai Maruthi 800’ is a must-watch film?  “It’s entertaining and the film does well to portray the simple and straight things around us in a humourous way. Somewhere, the characters in the film also come together, to tell the viewers not to take life too seriously but live each moment to its fullest,” he explains.

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