Cafe-style coffee at your doorstep

Cafe-style coffee at your doorstep

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Tea and coffee are two beverages which one wants to have anytime of the day. While numerous tea lounges and superior quality coffee shops are mushrooming in the city, Tuhin Jain and Kunal Bhagat from Bonhomia tried to offer a solution for those who wish to have cafe-style coffee at home or their workplace.

Introducing their brewing machine-Boho, Jain and Bhagat wanted to offer convenience to those who prefer having superior quality brewed coffee even at home. 

“In the recent years, we noticed that coffee consumption in India has increased and people feel forced to go to cafes to have good coffee. Also, coffee capsule segment is predominant internationally, and we wanted to introduce the same in India,” Jain tells Metrolife.

“We are trying to revolutionise coffee and tea trends in India. It brews a cup with just a press of the button. In two simple steps of placing the capsule inside the machine and pressing the espresso button, your cafe style coffee is ready,” he adds.

Speaking of its capsule variants, coffees like Freelove, which is 100% Arabica gourmet blend; Dark deeds, a confluence of Arabica and Robusta and Vanilla-Artisan Blend which has a subtle hint of vanilla weaves, are some coffees, which Jain says are different from the one’s available in the market.

On being asked about how many individual or non-commercial customers that the machine has, Jain says, “There is a demand for the machine amongst people who have gone abroad and tried capsule coffees.”

The tea variants include Green Peace, which is refreshing green tea; and Black Pot, which claims to have a traditional blend of hand-picked Assam tea leaves.